The Worst Fitness Advice Personal Trainers Give Clients

The world of fitness and health is becoming oversaturated with time. A gym is full of people who read fitness magazines on a daily basis. Also, you will come across different types of trainers. People expect the Toronto’s best personal trainer at the gyms to be an expert on all types of fitness related stuffs. However, you should know that at times the tips that they offer might be ineffective or wrong. As a matter of fact, it can also be downright dangerous. Here are some of the worst advices given personal trainers to their clients.

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Heavy Weights can Bulk You Up

This is a common mistake made by personal trainer in Toronto. It is perpetuated by so many personal trainers. As a matter of fact, according to a personal trainer, women in particular shouldn’t lift heavy weight. They are of the opinion that lifting heavy weight will make them bulky. However, if you have to build strong muscle density, you need to work out harder. It takes time and also sheer dedication. However, without this intention, lifting weights will help in strengthening your muscles and also the connective tissue. In fact, it will also increase the metabolism of your body.

There is One Way to Do Squat or Lunge

You will hear a personal trainer in Toronto say that there is a single way to do lunge or squat. They correct the chest alignment and the places where the knees line up with the ankles and the toes. However, these trainers fail to take the person’s goal and the physics into account. Keep in mind that there are various ways to do a lunge. Make sure that you take your goals into account. Toning the thighs and strengthening the top of thighs are two different things with different movement.personal trainer in toronto

Working Out Helps to Live Longer

There are some personal trainers who will tell you that working out all the time will help you to live longer life but these extra. This is nothing but funny. The only reason is that it is another impressive ability to convince yourself not to spend any time working out. You should work out to live a better life.

Running is a Great Way to Lose Weight

No doubt, running is a great form of cardio exercise which can encourage weight loss. However, often a personal trainer in Toronto will set up a running regime and do check out the progress level. This can be due to the overestimation of the calories that you need to consume without taking the strength to boost metabolism into account. Thus, there is more to do than simply lacing up the running shoes and expecting the best without attempting an overall approach.

It is best to Work Out in the Morning

A personal trainer in Toronto might tell you that the best time to work out is in the morning. However, the best time to work out is whenever it is suitable for you. An evening session will not be less beneficial. You can burn calories and build muscles at any time of the day.

Thus, you can get bad fitness advice from well-trained people. All you need to do is choose a good trainer.